6/3/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated what turned out to be a civil complaint on Rapid Stream Rd in Kingfield. The complainant to report that an acquaintance has left a junk truck, that he owned, on her property and will not remove it.

6/3/2016 Deputy Scovil responded to a two car accident at the intersection of Main St. and Depot St in Strong. No injuries were reported.

6/4/2016 Deputy Burke responded to Main St in Phillips regarding a late report of a parking lot accident. No injuries were reported.

6/4/2016 Corporal Hartley conducted a bail check on Scott McLean at his Mill Street Address. McLean had been drinking and was in violation of his conditions of release. He was arrested and transported to jail. .

6/5/2016 Deputy Burke responded to a car vs. moose accident on the Rangeley road in Coplin Plt. The driver of the vehicle left the scene without identifying themselves and headed towards Rangeley, the moose died at the scene.

6/5/2016 Corporal Bean responded to a car vs. deer accident on the New Vineyard Rd in New Vineyard. The deer ran off, the car sustained reportable damage.


6/5/2016 Deputy Scovil investigated a civil complaint on Main St. in Strong where a landlord was trying to force out a tenant who was paid up until the end of June.

6/5/2016 Corporal Bean investigated a report of trespassing on the Bradbury Rd in Industry. The complainant stating that people are camping on her property; Bean found the people and identified them. One of the campers stated she is the adjacent landowner and claimed the spot she was on was hers. This has turned into a civil property dispute.

6/6/2016 Corporal Hartley assisted responded to a report of debris in the road on the Wilton road in Chesterville.

6/7/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated a single vehicle accident on the South Strong road in Strong. No injuries were reported.

6/7/2016 Deputy Madore investigated an identity theft complaint on Kimball Pond Rd in New Sharon.

6/7/2017 Corporal Brann and Deputy Madore responded to the Church Hill Rd area of Strong regarding a report that a male was suicidal on an ATV in the woods and was going to commit the deed with a knife. Investigation though revealed to Brann and Madore that the man was fine and not suicidal as had been reported, they found him riding his ATV.


6/7/2016 Deputy Burke investigated an online harassment complaint on George Thomas Rd in Chesterville. The female complainant claims she is being harassed by a male who wants her to take nude photos of herself.

6/7/2016 Deputy Burke investigated an accident near Sandy River Farm Supply in New Sharon.

6/7/2016 Deputy Doucette investigated a criminal mischief complaint on Sand Pond Rd in Chesterville where a window was broken out of a camp.

6/7/2016 Lt. St. Laurent, Corporal Brann and Deputy Madore assisted DHHS with removing children from a residence on Baker Hill Rd in Freeman Twp.

6/7/2016 Deputy Doucette assisted Wilton PD with a disturbance on Main St.

6/8/2018 Deputy Morgan investigated a burglary complaint at Bradbury’s Market in Carthage. Investigation led quickly to identifying a suspect, Matthew Haines (23) of Farmington N.H. The same suspect walked away from a prerelease center in New Hampshire and has three active warrants for his arrest. He was last seen wearing a green sweatshirt and red shorts and may be hiding in the woods in the Carthage area. Deputies are continuing to search for him.


6/8/2016 Deputy Madore investigated a trespassing complaint on Hennessey Rd in Industry.

6/8/2016 Deputy Madore responded to a report of an erratic driver on the West Mills Rd in Industry.

6/8/2016 Deputy Morgan charged Carthage juvenile, with possession of Marijuana after he had snapchatted a picture of marijuana cigarettes that he said he was brining to a school event and it was found by school officials.

6/9/2016 Deputy Madore investigated a report of a phone scammer claiming to be from the IRS on the West Mills Rd in Industry.

6/9/2016 Deputy Madore and Deputy Morgan investigated an unattended death on Intervale Road in temple. The female victim was found deceased in her bedroom by family members.

6/9/2016 Deputy Burke and Corporal Hartley investigated a missing person’s complaint on Bradbury Rd in Industry. The complainant called in to report that a woman walked away at 11pm. She was found shortly after midnight by family members and was ok.

6/9/2016 Deputy Morgan investigated a report of suspicious activity on the Archer Rd in Chesterville. The complainant said there has been an increase of out of state vehicles traveling in out of the area.

6/10/2016 Deputy Morgan responded to a noise complaint on the Adams Rd in Chesterville. It was reported that a man has been out shooting all night long keeping the complainant awake.

Deputies conducted 52 building checks during this time period, all were secure; Deputies also conducted 5 elder checks.

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