Concerning lead poisoning — it can come from other sources than paint. There are probably some old lead water pipes still in use, lead crystal drinking glasses, old ceramic containers and cups could have lead in the coating or paint, and old toys and dishes (especially from other countries) might have lead paint.

In a parish where I lived in Massachusetts, two teachers rented a couple classrooms in a closed parochial school for their kindergarten students. A state inspector came to the classrooms one day and told the teachers they had to close down, due to lead paint (it was an older building). The teachers told the pastor about their plight and were told that if they put paneling on the walls and window sill, put in a new floor or rug, perhaps they could remain open. It was approved, and during the summer, renovations were done. The inspector came back and the teachers were allowed to continue classes in the fall.

The pastor gave the teachers free rent for the year as payback for time and materials used to bring the classrooms up to code.

Gabrielle DeMoras, Lewiston

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