Landon Brooks of Turner is like many other active 5 year olds.

He likes to play soccer and tee-ball. He tumbles in gymnastics and competes in jiu-jitso.

Brooks also finds time to wrestle with his dad.


But how many 5 years old can say they competed at the world championships?

Brooks jumped in the back seat of his parents’ car on Friday evening to embark on a 1,200-mile road trip to Madison, Wisc., where he will compete in the Professional Disc Golf Association Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships. 

The tournament was not even on the radar of Brooks’ parents — Robert and Jessi Brooks — until mom and dad noticed how much Landon had improved since the beginning of the season.

Landon was shooting a 143 over 18 holes in the spring and lowered his score to a an eye-opening 93, according Robert Landon.

Landon’s improvement and a tip from a friend that there was an opening in the 6-and-under category at the world championship spurred Robert’s interest.

“It was an opportunity that we could not pass up,” Robert Brooks said. “How often can you take your 5-year-old to the world championships.” 

Landon takes his own bag of drivers, putters and mid-range discs during practice rounds on local courses. He will have a quiver of 12 discs to choose from during the weeklong tournament. 

“I’ll be like a caddie daddy,” Robert said about his involvement in helping his son during the championships.

Parents are allowed to give advice and they make sure their children follow the rules.

Landon cannot read yet. Robert and Jessi have explained the rule book to their son.  

Landon’s parents are regulars in the disc golf circles. Robert has been playing for over 15 years and Jessi will compete during the national championships in Sabattus in September, a few days after Landon begins kindergarten at Turner Primary School. 

“We try to play daily,” Robert said.

And it certainly shows when Landon wings a disc.

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