FARMINGTON — A staff writer never knows what will be seen while traveling to a meeting or interview. This was never more true than on Wednesday, June 29.

As I walked out to my car, I noticed a bright yellow toadstool growing beneath one of the evergreens which borders the parking lot. A closer look showed a fat, dark brown slug climbing up the stem and some interesting marks on the cap.

After attending a craft group meeting at the Underwood Memorial Library in Fayette, I headed for home, but didn’t get very far. Near the Fayette Central School several Guinea fowl were seen, close to the road, so I stopped and took a few pictures.

As I continued onward, I noticed the sky was quite dark on my left. It had rained hard earlier and was still sprinkling. I short distance later, I saw a rainbow in the sky over the cemetery on Route 17.

I pulled over, rolled down my window and took a picture. I wanted a different angle, so got out and took a few more midst the rain drops.

Travelling again, I noticed a double rainbow could be seen. I stopped to take some more pictures.

I made my way from Route 17 to Route 133 and turned towards the intersection with Church Street. I noticed the rainbow was still visible, so stopped on Church Street to take another picture.

The trip lasted a few minutes more than usual, but it was well worth the time.

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