PERU — Town Clerk Vera Parent said that as of Tuesday, the fire chief was still looking to conduct a site survey at the old Worthley Pond fire station to determine which section of land the new station will be constructed on.

Residents voted at the June referendum ballot to approve articles that asked residents if they wished to raise and appropriate funds to replace the Worthley Pond fire station, and to accept additional land surrounding the Worthley Pond fire station, not to exceed three acres, from Carol Sweatt.

Fire Chief Bill Hussey said the station was built in 1970, and it wouldn’t be worth putting money into renovating it because it has a lot of dry rot and damage.

“The whole back end of the building is all rotten, and the beams are starting to get rotten,” Hussey said. “Right now, we can’t even wash the truck that’s down there in the winter. There’s no water. There’s no bathroom. It’s a building with a truck in it.”

The station is about 5 miles from the West Peru fire station.

Parent explained that the town needs to “survey the property that is supposed to be deeded” to figure out the exact piece of property that the Worthley Pond Fire Station will be constructed on.

“The deed will be drawn up from the land that Sweatt has conveyed to the town,” Parent said. “The site survey will help the town figure out exactly where they’ll take the property.”

She added that Hussey has been charged with pursuing the survey.

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