So usually the news is what is happening.

In this case, it’s what isn’t.

Last week, Hillandale Farms, the company with a long-term lease on the former DeCoster egg farm in Turner, one of the largest egg farms in New England, announced that it was transitioning its farms into cage-free facilities.

The company said the move could be considered “progressive” and said new barns are being built in Ohio and Connecticut.

The Humane Society of the United States, which released footage in June of an undercover sting on the Turner farm, said in a news release that the announcement “sends a signal loud and clear that cage confinement simply has no future in the egg industry.”

But this cage-free news doesn’t apply to the barns in Turner.

From Hillandale spokeswoman Melanie Wilt: “Hillandale leases the Maine facility, so as long as that is the arrangement there won’t likely be any cage-free barns built there. The plan is all future expansion at any location would be cage-free.”

For now, the 2 million-plus chickens stay as-is.

On the move

Not staying as-is: Videotronics.

The former-video-now-largely-satellite store is moving from its longtime home next to Marden’s on outer Main Street to 1114 Lisbon St. into a former doctor’s office.

Georgette Miller, who runs the business with son Christopher R. Miller, said the shop has been at its current location for more than 30 years. They’ve been wanting to own their own space and looking for the right building for a while.

The new storefront will be on the first floor with three apartments above. Back in the day, Videotronics used to have a bustling video rental business.

“We’re doing more commercial (satellite) work,” Miller said. “We did 33 Hannaford stores, we did all of the Olive Garden stores. We got the contract to do the new Oxford hotel. You have to go with the times.”

They hope to be moved and open by Aug. 1.

“The only trouble is it’s right across the street from Dunkin’ Donuts,” she quipped. “I’m going to have to buy bigger pants.” 

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