PARIS — A $500,000 matching loan from Maine Technology Institute for Mingle Analytics in Market Square in Paris will allow the company to grow and better serve its clientele, according to President and CEO Dr. Dan Mingle.

Last week, MTI announced a number of loans and grants to companies across the state, including the Paris-based business. Mingle Analytics was awarded a $500,000 loan from MTI and matched it with $547,853.

“The service we provide is we help health care providers get data about their quality (of care) to Medicare as part of Medicare’s push to move our nation from volume-based purchasing to value-based purchasing,” Mingle said on Monday. “So to help providers get quality care data to Medicare, we support direct entry to our website of their quality data and we support the exchange of spreadsheets.”

The loan will help the company implement more automated means of collecting data, which he said is currently limited.

“This loan is about increasing our automated footprint, offering more options, scaling it up to meet the demand (and) addressing our nationwide market,” Mingle said. “It’s a big job because we get data from two kinds of systems.”

Those systems are the practice management system, which there are roughly 300 different types on the market, and the clinical documentation/electronic medical record system, which has about 600 different versions, he said.


Mingle said the loan will help address all 900 of those systems, making it easier on the company’s clients.

Mingle Analytics was previously awarded a slightly smaller matching loan from MTI for $378,000. Mingle shared some background on his company and its growth and why he applied for the original MTI loan in the first place.

The company was formed in late 2011, and the first year in business, Mingle Analytics served 500 providers nationwide. Last year, the business served 32,000 providers at 2,000 practices in all 50 states.

“The first loan was about scaling our web presence and our tools to handle that kind of volume,” Mingle said. “We came forth with a working model that worked as when our clientele was small in our first years. We’ve been growing rapidly to keep up with changes in security requirements, to keep up with evolving web application standards.”

When Mingle first launched the business, there were two employees, including himself, and now there are 53 stretching across 11 states.

Mingle plans on hiring new employees as his company expands.

“We are continuing to grow rapidly and expect exponential growth in the next three to five years,” he said.

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