PARIS — Readers are wanted for Paris Public Library’s Community and Family Read Aloud at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 2.

The book will be “The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip” by George Saunders.

The book is for all eras and all ages. It’s about a fictional seaside village called Frip. Living there are three families: the Romos, Rosens, and a father and his little girl, Capable. They all make their living by selling goat milk — but there’s a problem. Gappers, furry orange creatures the size of baseballs and with several eyes, are latching themselves to the goats. Now the goats will not give milk.

Author Saunders writes in a run-on sentence, “And in towns that survive by selling goat milk, if there’s no goat milk, there’s no money, and if there’s no money, there’s no food or housing or clothing, and so, in gapper infested towns, since nobody likes the idea of starving naked outdoors, it is necessary at all costs to keep the gappers off the goats.”

Those who wish to read should sign up so books can be made available for prereading. Audience memebers need not sign up.

FMI, sign up: 207-743-6994.

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