ANSWER: There are very few pick-your-own orchards around that still have sour (or tart) cherries. Doles Orchard, at 187 Doles Ridge Road in Limington is one. You can call them at (207) 793-4409 to make sure the cherries are ready for picking before making the trek.

If you’re willing to make a day trip out of the adventure, you have a few more options when you travel into New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis, New Hampshire, is one example.You can visit them online at, or call them at (603) 465-2240 to plan your visit.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for next year at this point, though, as the cherry-picking season in New England ends with the month of July. The good news is, that means you’ll have plenty of time to plan for picking next year beginning as early as late June in some places.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: You’re the best! I read you every day. Here’s a note to go with Shirley’s “kindness” letter of July 26. I am a senior citizen and no longer drive. A daughter takes me once a week on Tuesday or Thursday (senior citizen discount day) to a grocery store in Gray.

While checking out this past Tuesday, a gentleman of about 60 stepped forward and paid my entire grocery bill, saying, “With the money save, buy something you normally wouldn’t. Have a good day and pass the kindness on to someone else.”

We were blown away. I hope he reads your column. A million “thank-yous” from a very grateful senior citizen. There are angels standing by. — Barbara, Poland.

ANSWER: It warms Sun Spots heart to hear these stories of kindness and to know that there are genuine, good people in this world. Thank you for sharing your story.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Concerning credit card accounts and how to avoid interest rates, I put the money into a special savings account in the bank and borrow $1,000 on my own money to take out a credit card when I’m going on a trip, then give up the card when I return, or keep adding money to the personal account. It saves money and has big paybacks.

I do a similar thing with a health savings account so one does not lose what one has invested when one loses a job with a company, is demoted or laid off. — Gabrielle, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Thank you for the tips. People do have many options available to them rather than accruing more and more unsecured debt. The secured credit card to which you refer is one such option. However, even if you borrow against your own savings, watch for hidden fees with the secured cards that might negate any potential savings you might see from unsecured cards’ interest rates or by paying off the card immediately upon your return.

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