On Friday, Aug. 23, I left my home in Dixfield to go to Portland to deliver some furniture to my daughter. I stopped at a gas station outside Auburn to get gas.

Driving on the turnpike, I pulled in at the Gray rest area to get something to drink. To my dismay, my wallet was gone. Realizing I had left it back at the gas station, I drove the 40 or so miles back to Auburn. To make a long story short — no wallet. I drove the 40-plus miles back home, realizing I had to cancel my credit card, bank card, etc.

Within a half mile from home my phone rings. It was the Auburn Police. They explained an officer making a traffic stop looked down and saw a wallet. He picked up the wallet and discovered several hundred dollars inside along with license, credit cards, etc. I gladly drove back to Auburn to retrieve my wallet. Kudos to the Auburn Police Department’s patrol division.

Mathew Howe, Dixfield

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