PARIS — Board of Selectmen Chairman Mike Risica announced at Monday’s meeting that he is moving out of state and would have to resign his seat in October.

“As of Oct. 1, my job is going away,” he said. “I was offered a position in Florida and I am going to be taking that position. It is actually official today. That is why I kind of dragged my feet at the last meeting about having an early election (to fill the other vacant selectman seat). I was trying to not have two elections.”

The five-person board went to four members at the end of July when Vic Hodgkins resigned before being appointed town manager, effective Sept. 6. Selectmen decided two weeks ago to not hold a special election, but wait until the November presidential election to fill the vacancy. Risica’s seat will also be on the November ballot.

Risica told Town Clerk Liz Knox his last day would be whatever is best for the town.

“I can be here for Oct. 7, which is a Friday,” he said. “I don’t want to leave the board short.”

A shocked Knox said, “OK let me process this for a minute.”

She said the nomination papers to fill Hodgkins’ seat became available Monday, Aug. 15, and must be returned by Sept. 26.

Selectman Janet Jamison suggested Knox figure out the corresponding dates Tuesday.

“I think the most important thing is we can get a second set of papers issued so we can get someone on the ballot,” Jamison said.

“You should stay as long as you can, and you will have to go before somebody’s elected anyway,” she told Risica.

Knox said she would check with state election officials and look at her municipal manual.

Since Hodgkins was vice chairman of the board, Risica made a motion Monday to elect Jamison as vice chairwoman.

“You would,” she said to laughter from the audience.

Jamison, Risica and Selectman Scott Buffington voted for the motion and Selectman Chris Summers voted against.

Knox said that in the future, before voters fill the two seats on the board, it will take three yes votes to pass a motion.

She pointed to the vote for vice chairwoman. If it had been a 2-1 vote, the motion would have failed because it’s a five-person board and three is a quorum, Knox said.

“It has to be unanimous,” interim Town Manager Bill Guindon said.

Jamison said she had to respectfully disagree.

“We have had a time when we had two selectmen sitting here who were able to make votes and decisions, back when Skip Herrick and Ray Glover were on this board,” she said.

“I am not saying you didn’t. They always had to vote the same way. It was either yes they approved something or no they didn’t approve it,” Knox said.

“We do have a contact with Matt Dunlap, the secretary of state, so I am sure we can figure this out,” Jamison said.

Risica said he would hand in a resignation letter soon.

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