PORTLAND — Three men were arrested early Monday morning and charged with the armed robbery of a 24-year-old Portland woman.

Police arrested the suspects at 2:30 a.m.

Police say officers heard a woman screaming for help at Franklin and Congress Streets when they saw three men running from the area.

Officers acted quickly to find the victim and began searching for the three men, who she said assaulted and robbed her.

The victim said the men, who she does not know, knocked her to the ground and tried to steal her purse, according to police. She was Tased by one man and hit on the head with a handgun by a second man. Police say she screamed for help and the men ran away when police cars were approaching.

Police say all three suspects were located in an alley between Temple and Exchange Streets and arrested.

Police identified the suspects as Kordell Wadley and Devin Bedard, both of Biddeford, and Tyler Poirier, of Sanford. All three are 18-years-old. They are all charged with robbery, aggravated assault, and refusing to submit to arrest.

The victim was treated at a local hospital for injuries from the assault. She has been released.

Police say a second woman has now come forward to report she was also robbed by three men on Oxford Street just minutes before this incident. She was not injured. That case is under investigation and no one has been charged yet.


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