AUBURN — A Lewiston man is expected to plead guilty in a case in which police said he stole and forged checks from a business where he had worked.

Justin Jury, 35, of 184 Main St. is scheduled to appear in Androscoggin County Superior Court on Tuesday for a felony plea.

Jury was indicted in May on three counts of forgery and three counts of theft by deception. Prior theft convictions elevated those crimes to felonies.

Each charge is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Lewiston Detective Carly Conley wrote in a sworn statement that the owner of a Lewiston cleaning company suspected in February that two former employees may have been involved in a burglary.

The owner had learned from one of the two suspects that the other had stolen company business checks from the office while he worked there. The owner and manager told police that Jury had started working in the office area during his brief tenure at the company because he was “very competent with computers and technical equipment.”

That office area was where they had stored the company’s signature-stamped business checks.

The office manager searched the company’s accounting records and discovered three unauthorized electronic checks, one addressed to Home Depot and two addressed to Jury and cashed at Republic Cash, in January.

The two cashed checks totaled $1,175. The other check was for $736.39.

Surveillance video showed a man identified as Jury conducting all three transactions, Conley wrote.

Jury was free while awaiting trial with a condition not to return to Start to Finish in Lewiston. He was ordered to undergo substance-abuse counseling and treatment.

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