It is almost time to vote for a new president and I am not sure if either of the candidates will do a good job and live up to the “oath of office.”

I have been voting since 1964 and only twice was I sure that I was voting for the person who would do a good job for America. I usually had to pick the lesser of the flunkies, in my estimation.

It seems that the Constitution has suffered by those folks voters elected to the presidency, Senate and House of Representatives. There have also been some problems with the justices that past presidents have placed on the Supreme Court. Some of the past presidents have also established several departments that write regulations that Congress passes as legislation, often without reading and understanding the implications or consequences of those regulations.

The result, so far, seems to be that the public elects poor people who become rich while the public continues to be less rich. At the same time, the government has become extremely large and inefficient.

Perhaps it is time to elect people who want to get back to the central government as described by the nation’s founders. Remember that they pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” to birth this nation.

America needs to elect people who will do that well and who will defend the U.S. Constitution (as the oath reads) better than the majority of presidents, senators and representatives have done in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Bill DuBois, Poland

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