Central Maine Medical Center

Madison Raine Wilson, a girl to Travis and Candice Wilson of West Paris, Aug. 1. Sibling, Mykenzie; grandparents, Kurt and Virginia Wilson, Oxford, Spike and Buffy Ward, Waterford, Bethany and Les Wing, Oxford; great-grandparent, Marianna Fifield, Norway.

Ava Mae Bartlett, a girl to Amber Demers and Timothy Bartlett of Poland, Aug. 1. Grandparents, Betty and Luster Hodgkin, New Gloucester, Michael and Jamie Demers, Minot, Frances Demers, Auburn; great-grandparents, Thelma and Leonard Beauvais, Poland, Sharon Bartlett, West Poland, Charles Rancourt, Lewiston.

Kingslee Jaxson-Bryant Billings, a boy to Martha Marble and Daniel Billings of Auburn, Aug. 2. Grandparents, Penny Patten Bryant and Cedric Bryant, St. Albans, Barry Marble, Newport, Janice and Danny Bennett, Milton.

Dakota Ryan Mack, a boy to Casey and Michele Mack of West Paris, Aug. 2. Sibling, Skyler; grandparents, Roger and Theresa Mack, West Paris, Ronald Hartsgrove, South Paris; great-grandparent, Lorraine Fox, Jewett City, Conn.

Maddox Avery Langlais, a boy to Nick and Heather Langlais of Lewiston, Aug. 4. Sibling, Easton; grandparents, Rick and Sue Langlais, Lewiston, Tom and Diane Avery, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Helen Pelletier, Lewiston, Zita Bolduc, Lewiston, David and Margaret Avery, Auburn.

Maxwell Jeffrey Saucier, a boy to Andrew and Kayla Saucier, Aug. 5. Sibling, Elliot; grandparents, Herbert and Rhonda Saucier, Lewiston, Daniel and Donna Collet, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Bruce and Anita Clark, Ormond Beach, Fla., Louis and Rita Collet, Lewiston.

Olivai Rose Burnham, a girl to Jamie Burnham and Shaughn P.B. Little of Lewiston, Aug. 10. Grandparents, Olive Brayall, Lewiston, Henry Brayall, Lewiston, Jennifer Libby, Rumford.

Jaxson Parker Dyer, a boy to Alex and Danielle Dyer of Turner, Aug. 10. Grandparents, Suzanne and Jason Campbell, Greene, Jacqueline and Paul Pinette, Turner, Jim and Jennifer Dyer, Saxtons River, Vt.; great-grandparents, Connie Libby, Lewiston, Zennie Bergeron, Greene.

Miyah Pearl Provencher, a girl to Samantha Haines and David Provencher of Auburn, Aug. 12. Siblings, Aubrie, Lailah; grandparents, Christine Breton, Auburn, Timothy Haines and Katherine Cote, Auburn, Tracy and Dan Provencher, Mechanic Falls; great-grandparents, Georgette Lawrence, Lewiston, Beverly Haines, Lewiston, Irene and Dave Libby, Gray.

Jaxx Paul Daigneault, a boy to Mackenzie Ouellette and Brandin Daigneault of Lewiston, Aug. 20. Sibling, Gage; grandparents, Lori Tierney, Winthrop, Ron and Darce Ouellette, Turner, Bonny Coutts, Auburn, Hank Daigneault, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Henry Daigneault, Lewiston, Doreen Sargent, Mechanic Falls, Linda and Ray LeClair, Port Charlotte, Fla.; Robert Russell, Oxford, Brenda McKissick, Stratton.

Texus and Tennessey Lothrop, twin boys to Jessica Jordan and James Lothrop of Auburn, Aug. 20. Sibling, Montanna; grandparents, Robert Getchell, Poland, Rhonda Getchell, Auburn, Donald and Suzzane Lothrop, Harrison, Brenda Lunt, Lewiston; great-grandparent, Nancy Getchell, Poland.

Natalie Dianne Perry, a girl to Elizabeth and Stephen Perry of Greene, Aug. 20. Grandparents, Anne and Philippe Moreau, Greene, Brenda and Eric Perry, Edgartown, Mass.; great-grandparents, Irene St. Denis, Lewiston, Madeleine and Alfred Perry, Edgartown, Mass., Sandia Wescott, Suring, Wisc.

Payton Lee and Kyle Leo Snowdeal, twins, a girl and a boy to Tori McIntosh and Chris Snowdeal of South Paris, Aug. 20. Sibling, Elise; grandparents, Heidi McIntosh, Poland, Brenda Flannigan, Poland; great-grandparents, Mary and James Lawlor, Auburn, Dorothy and William Gagne, Lewiston.

Zebulon Michael Hill, a boy to Clifford and Tracie Hill of North Waterford, Aug. 25. Siblings, Zachary, Cheyanne; grandparents, Irvin Hall, Livermore, Sandra Harris, Auburn; great-grandparents, Clifford Hill, Lovell, Sandra Page, Sumner, Neva Hall, Turner.

Preston Christopher St. Pierre, a boy to Kevin and Jessica St. Pierre of Auburn, Aug. 26. Siblings, Kaden, Parker; grandparents, Debbie Marquis, Lewiston, Irene and Ray St. Pierre, Poland; great-grandparents, Ron and Mal Binette, Auburn, Maurice Marquis, Lewiston, Anita and Elmer Madore, Lewiston.

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Maggie Sophia Caroline Parise, a girl to Stephanie and John Parise of Lewiston, July 6. Siblings, Jayden, Hunter, Fiona; grandparents, Danny and Debbie Libby, Wales, Buster and Liz Parise, Cambridge, Mass.

James Michael Dix, a boy to Abby and Jeremy Dix of Lewiston, Aug. 3. Sibling, Genevieve; grandparents, Jamie and Daniel Bosse, Lewiston, James and Joline Dix, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Cleo Bosse, Lewiston, Jan McGowen, Lewiston.

Aidan James Martin, a boy to Crystal O’Neil and Joey Martin Jr. of Lewiston, Aug. 4. Grandparents, Tonya and Joey Martin Sr., Panama City Beach, Fla., Brenda and Dexter O’Neil, Turner.

Harun Abdi, a boy to Shamsa Abdalla and Abdi Yussuf of Lewiston, Aug. 4. Sibling, Arbay; grandparents, Amina Abdi, Hagarnereh, Kenya, Hassan Yussuf, Hagarnereh, Kenya.

Lila Ann Polvinen, a girl to Jessica and Adam Polvinen of Hebron, Aug. 7. Sibling, Carly; grandparents, Brenda and James Marchesseault, Minot, Richard and Terry Foss, Buckfield, Alvin Polvinen, Auburn; great-grandparents, Alvin and Betty Brandt, Auburn.

Mya Rea Theriault, a girl to Meagan and Ryan Theriault of Greene, Aug. 9. Sibling, Isabella; grandparents, Ron and Claire Theriault, Greene, Mike Dube, Livermore, Cheryl Cloutier, Lewiston; great-grandparent, Therese Cloutier, Lewiston.

Adeline Rey Early, a girl to Crystal and Justin Early of New Gloucester, Aug. 10. Sibling, Lincoln; grandparents, Al and Mette Hayes of Sedalia, Colo., Karen Hannasch and Paul Clement, Sabattus, Kent Early, Denver, Colo., Beverly Hill and Ken Betts, Bowdoinham.

Alexander Bryan Erskine, a boy to Angela and Josh Erskine of Lewiston, Aug. 11. Siblings, Donald, Destinee, Abigail; grandparents, Bryan and Diane Erskine, Greene, great-grandparents, Alfred and Lorraine Lawrence, Nashua, N.H.

Griffin Russell Travis, a boy to Kristal and Sean Travis of Lisbon, Aug. 12. Grandparents, Russell and Mary Robishaw, Lisbon Falls, Eddie and Jeanne Travis, Scituate, Mass.; great-grandparents, Doris Robishaw, Lisbon Falls, Madeline Cameron, Chelsea, Dan Beaulieu, Chelsea, John and Pat Piela, Durham, Joan Travis, South Boston, Mass., Richard Quinn, Weymouth, Mass.

Dean Alexander Cookson, a boy to Farrah and Jessie Cookson of Auburn, Aug. 13. Siblings, Austin, Lukas; grandparents, Lisa Jarvis, Auburn, Jessie Cookson, Garland.

Hunter Lionel Cyr, a boy to Bethany Elsman and Logan Cyr of Lewiston, Aug. 13.

Grace Evelynn Cloutier, a girl to Elizabeth Hunt and Christopher Cloutier of Turner, Aug. 13. Sibling, Zoey; grandparent, Reginald and Leigh Cloutier, Turner, Lisa Keen, Turner, Charles Hunt III, Morrill; great-grandparents, June Israel, Santa Clarita, Calif., Brenda and Charles Poland, Turner.

Andi Nicole Poulin, a girl to Jamie and Nicholas Poulin of Gardiner, Aug. 13. Siblings, Ian, Alexa, Ashlyn; grandparents, Bruce and Barbara Walker, Sabattus, Lawrence and Florence Poulin, Lewiston, Ludfarde Fortin, Lewiston, Marie and Joseph Poulin, Lewiston, Pauline Walker, Sabattus.

Amelia Jean Wysocki, a girl to Victoria Wysocki-Wilson and Daryl Kinder of Lewiston, Aug. 14. Siblings, Kaden, Brayden; grandparents, Brian and Jessica Wysocki-Collins, Auburn, Anne Robison, Damariscotta; great-grandparents, Marsha Wysocki, Greene, Frank Wysocki, Suffolk, Va., Jeanne Rubison, Nobolboro.

Aubrey Ann Montell, a girl to Bethany Burgess and Zachary Montell of Gardiner, Aug. 15. Grandparents, Valerie and Randall Burgess, Leeds, Robin Plourde and Alan Montell, Gardiner; great-grandparents, James Montell, Gardiner, Pauline Burgess, Leeds, Sylvia York, Kittery.

Kayleigh Marie Foss, a girl to Kristina and Kyle Foss of Lewiston, Aug. 16. Grandparents, Peter Chick Sr. and Tina Duquette of Lewiston, Karen Bates and Jeff Foss of Lewiston; great-grandparents, Roger Chick, Monmouth, Carol Cook and Roland Bates, Florida.

Lincoln Paul Breton, a boy to Tiffany and Adam Breton of Lewiston, Aug. 17. Sibling, Peyton; grandparents, Cindy Cyr, Auburn, Mike Cyr, Falmouth, Tracie and Travis Dubois, Lewiston, Gerry and Christina Breton, Greene.

Micah Daniel Garant, a boy to Elizabeth and Daniel Garant of Lewiston, Aug. 17. Sibling, Marlee; grandparents, Doug and Sonia Taylor, Lewiston, Ray and Joan Garant, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Normand Garant, Lewiston, Sheila Taylor, Lewiston, Emilien and Laurie Lafond, Lewiston.

Brexlynn Poppy Davis, a girl to Tiffany Giguere and Christopher Davis of Auburn, Aug. 19. Sibling, Jaymien; grandparents, Dawn Davis, Auburn, John Burnham, Auburn, Jeff Murray, Auburn, Pamela and Tom Griffin, Auburn; great-grandparents, Sandy Berry, Mechanic Falls, Bernice Breton, Lewiston, Eddie and Barbara Giguere, Lewiston.

Everett Howard, a boy to Samantha and Matt Howard of North Monmouth, Aug. 20. Grandparents, Matt and Linda Williams, Linneus, Rich and Rita Howard, Monmouth; great-grandparents, Everett and Lillian Palleschi, Monmouth, Doris Diagnault, Columbia, Conn.

Abigail Elizabeth Martel, a girl to Victoria and Christopher Martel of Lewiston, Aug. 20. Sibling, Emma.

Jessah Ann Jordan, a girl to Christina Dill and Eugene Jordan III of Norway, Aug. 22. Siblings, Jared, Colby, Alexandria; grandparents, Linwood and Pat Dill, Harrison, Judie MucCluskey and Eugene Jordan Jr., Lewiston.

Emily Diana Lucas, a girl to Brianna Leclair and Bryan Lucas of Lewiston, Aug. 24. Sibling, Kaden; grandparents, Tracy Michaud, Auburn, Moe Messier, Wales, Cynthia and Joseph Lucas, Auburn; great-grandparents, Gloria Leclair, Lewiston, Pauline and Roland St. Pierre, Auburn.

Maryan Hassan Abdikardir, a girl to Aspen Britton of Lewiston, Aug. 25. Sibling, Lebon; grandparent, Amy Britton, Lewiston; great-grandparents, Frank Britton, Norway, Betty Britton, Norway.

Ellen Bianca Cabral, a girl to Isabel Songo and Cabral of Lewiston, Aug. 25. Sibling, Kailane.

Eli Scott Turcotte, a boy to Kelsie Brown and Ryan Turcotte of Auburn, Aug. 26. Sibling, Saije; grandparents, Constance Keith and Stuwart Brown, Auburn, Loretta Leet and Troy Turcotte, Auburn, Florance Turcotte, Laconia, N.H.

Brielle Anne Grenier, a girl to Danielle Duval and John Grenier of Lewiston, Aug. 28. Siblings, Jaden, Jared, Javin, Julius, Hartlie, Cami, Adreanah; grandparents, Pam Fournier and John Grenier, Hartford, Linda and Christopher Wing, Auburn; great-grandparents, Mabel Soucy, Oxford, Anne Cousineau Carrigan, Waterville.

Cillian James Gentry, a boy to Tasana Huff and Chris Gentry of Auburn, Sept. 1. Sibling, Alexis, Janeen, Christine; grandparents, Laura Travers-Woodman and Suzanne Travers, Auburn, Bobbie and Joe Kindle, Sapula, Okla.; great-grandparents, Terri Grassie, Deerfield, N.H., Mary Harris, Tulsa, Okla.

Elease Elaine Holmes, a girl to Amber Chapman and Dwayne Holmes of Lewiston, Sept. 1. Sibling, Alishanee.

Reegan Anita Wiles, a girl to Shelby and Corey Wiles of Oxford, Sept. 2. Sibling, Jackson; grandparents, Kelly Clark, Sebago, Phil Adams, Little Rock, Ark., Susan Wiles, Standish, Kevin and Wanda Wiles, South Paris; great-grandparents, Carol Clark, Sebago, Stephen Wiles, Otisfield.

London Aulora McFarland, a girl to Malinda and Tyler McFarland of Gray, Sept. 3. Siblings, Hunter, Dakota, Sophia, Sasha, Nevaeh; grandparents, Debora Batie, Buckeye, Ariz., Norman Merchant, Gray, Kathy Bragdon, Windham; great-grandparents, Lee Libby, Gray, Shirley McFarland, Portland, Donalene and Wayne Nelson, Falmouth, Albert and Judy McFarland, California.

Nova Evelyn Greenleaf, a girl to Katelyn Moore and Justin Greenleaf of Lewiston, Sept. 6. Sibling, Jett; grandparents, Bonnie and Matthew Moore, Lewiston, Elaine Sirois, Orrington, Clyde Greenleaf, Auburn; great-grandparents, Richard and Janice Moore, Lewiston, Ronald and Diane Boone, Auburn.

Rumford Hospital

Juliet Violet Scott, a girl to Heather and William Scott of Mexico, Aug. 11. Siblings, Tatianna, Brenna, Jasmin, Annalyse, Jillian, Angelica, William; grandparents, Mark and Carol Daigle, Mexico, Valerie and William Scott, Rumford; great-grandparents, Margie Scott, Rumford, Violet Lizotte, Mexico.

Sophia Ann Cabrera, a girl to Emily Lemay of Rumford, Aug. 24. Sibling, Colby; grandparents, Theresa Lemay, Rumford, Michael Lemay, Rumford; great-grandparents, Anita and Joseph Lemay, Orlando, Fla., Grace Jamison, Dixfield, George Wing, Peru.

Elliott Michael Patneaude, a boy to Amber Johnson and Kevin Patneaude of Mexico, Aug. 24. Siblings, Amelia, Liam; grandparents, Melinda Johnson, Dixfield, Ken Young, Dixfield, Michelle and Michael Patneaude, Mexico; great-grandparents, Linda and Roy McAllister, Holden, La., Lauris and Bill Dolloff, Lisbon Falls, Shirley Johnson, Ponchatula, La., Mariette Dolloff, Rumford.

Alexzander Ryan Davidowicz, a boy to Angela Bouknight and Cain Davidowicz of Hanover, Aug. 28. Siblings, Michael, Selena, Angela, Marcos; grandparents, Ron and Nancy Davidowicz, Jefferson, N.H., Brenda Ross, Roxbury, John Russell, Dixfield; great-grandparents, Patricia and Robert Farmer, Port St. Lucy, Fla., Peg Weston, North Carolina.

Lillian Rose LaPointe, a girl to Darcy Michaud and Alexander LaPointe of Rumford, Aug. 30. Siblings, Morgan, Leland, Mackenzie, Joseph; grandparents, Tina Menegus, Rumford, Mary LaPointe, Rumford, Robert LaPointe, Rumford, Kathy Menegus, Bristol, Conn.; great-grandparents, Leo LaPointe, Rumford, Dorthy Swan, Brunswick, Mary Levesque, Bristol, Conn.

Tanner Richard Welch, a boy to Celina and Jhustin Welch of Hartland, Sept. 3. Sibling, Rylie; grandparents, Cathy Lizotte, Mexico, Denise Letarte, Rumford; great-grandparents, Sandra Welch, Rumford, Violet Lizotte, Mexico.

Stephens Memorial Hospital

Adam Hodgkin, a boy to Betty Buck and Brian Hodgkin of Norway, Aug. 28. Siblings, Allyson, Alivia, Ayden, Alek; grandparents, Barbara Buck, Norway, Merton Hodgkin Jr., Norway, Ersal May, South Paris.

Cooper Ryan Robinson, a boy to Stephannie Robinson and William Lyman of Sidney, Sept. 4. Grandparents, Mark Robinson, Rumford, Barbara Barrs, Myrtle Beach, S.C., Katie and Ken Lyman, Woodstock.

Lucas Ryan Hodgkin, a boy to Maranda and Chris Hodgkin of West Paris, Sept. 9. Siblings, Jazmin, Hanna, Karissa, Christopher; grandparents, Faith Richard, Phillips, Dennis Scribner, Otisfield, Tina Scribner, Otisfield, Donald Hodgkin Sr., West Paris, Brenda Dehetre, Lewiston.

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