I thank Sen. Eric Brakey for his work in helping to secure state funds for a new high school in Auburn.

Anyone who visits the current ELHS can see the students of Auburn urgently need new facilities. Watching countless school construction projects approved for others across the state, Auburn’s taxpayers have spent years patiently helping build those schools while waiting for the city’s turn for state support.

When it appeared there was real danger Auburn would be pushed to the back of the line once again, Sen. Brakey stood up and advocated for the city — even sponsoring legislation to secure Auburn’s position.

Now that state support for a new high school is approved, city officials can move forward on planning in a way that protects local property taxpayers.

Brakey has proven himself an effective and determined advocate for his constituents.

I am proudly voting to re-elect Eric Brakey this November.

Bob Stone, Auburn

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