NEW GLOUCESTER — The Water District’s water supply is now available for any resident with a dry well. 

Drought conditions throughout Southern Maine have resulted in dry wells for people who rely on groundwater to supply their homes, farms and businesses.

Water is available from a spigot at the Public Works building at 1036 Lewiston Road and can be used any time. The yard hydrant at the Fairgrounds on Bald Hill Road where the Water District building is located is locked and a water district trustee must be contacted for access. People are reminded to shut off the tap when finished, said Dan Bannon, chairman of the New Gloucester Water District Trustees on Sunday.

Contact can be made to any Water District trustee for help or questions by calling Bannon at 671-2583, James Fitch at 926-4936 or Vaughn Hardesty at 926-4096.

The state’s Drought Task Force has been meeting to deal with the dry weather that began last winter and has since extended with no relief in sight.

With the wells drying up, additional risk of fire danger increases.

Bannon said the underground deep-water aquifer, which supplies Upper Gloucester residents, businesses and a school, is being monitored and considered adequate at this time.


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