LIVERMORE — Town Clerk Renda Guild told selectpersons Tuesday night that the Nov. 8 general election is getting a lot of scrutiny.

“This year’s election is being highly watched,” she said.

She and Registrar of Voters Krista White attended a two-day Election Day conference in Bethel where all new laws were discussed, she said.

Speaking before the board meeting, Guild said someone at the conference asked about the possibility of voters casting absentee ballots for dead people. She said Secretary of State Matt Dunlap advised that absentee ballots will be inspected and anyone caught casting one illegally will be prosecuted.

Addressing preparations for voters coming to the polls Nov. 8, Guild told selectmen there will be two extra people on duty and three people at the head table. 

There will also be people directing traffic in the parking lot, she said, and because there are a limited number of parking spaces, people may use North Livermore Baptist Church lot. A shuttle will bring them to the polls, she said.

“We’re expecting a steady stream of voters,” Guild said. “At the end of the last presidential election, people were still waiting at the door at 8 o’clock. The cut-off is who is there at 8 p.m.”

Tuesday was the cut-off for new voter registrations, she said.

“There have been 207 absentee ballots in the first nine days,” she said.

Speaking before the meeting, Guild said there were 189 absentee ballots cast for the last presidential election in 2012 and 221 when Gov. Paul LePage was re-elected in 2014.

Administrative Assistant Amy Byron said a separate paper ballot will be included Nov. 8 to vote on dissolving Oxford County Regional Recycling Corp. The ballot has been confusing to some voters, she said before the meeting.

At the town meeting in June, voters authorized the town to dissolve the recycling agency and be reimbursed any money left from the initial investment. That vote was taken by a show of hands.

“The paper ballot is needed to verify the vote,” Byron said.

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