PARIS — Bail was set at $10,000 in 11th District Court for a local man charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence assault.

Police said that Kyle Edwards, 27, of 59 Prospect Ave. was arrested early Saturday morning on two counts of Class B aggravated assault, Class D domestic violence terrorizing, Class D domestic violence assault and Class D domestic violence reckless conduct.

A Class B crime carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a maximum fine of $20,000. A Class D crime is punished by a fine of up to $2,000 and less than one year in jail.

According to an affidavit written by Paris police officer Raymond Paar, he was informed of a domestic violence incident in South Paris between Edwards and two victims.

Paar wrote that according to witnesses, Edwards drove into his driveway at high speed, resulting in damage to the lawn.

After Edwards was chastised by one of the victims for causing damage to the lawn and making a lot of noise, Paar wrote, the two got into a “heated argument,” resulting in a fight.

Paar wrote that during the fight, Edwards had pulled the neck portion of the victim’s T-shirt around his neck, causing him to choke, and that he bit the victim’s chest.

After the victim ran out of the house and hid in the garage, Edwards texted him, threatening to “kill him,” the officer wrote.

Later, Paar said a second victim found Edwards attempting to back his truck over the first victim’s motorcycle.

“According to (the victim), Kyle said he was going to run the motorcycle over, and she stated that he was not going to do that,” Paar wrote. “She then told me that Kyle got into his pickup and started to back up toward the motorcycle. She stated she yelled at Kyle to stop, but he continued to back up, hitting her in the legs with the rear bumper of his vehicle, causing her to fall backward onto the motorcycle.”

Edwards then departed from the residence with a friend, Paar wrote.

Paar added that he later found Edwards at a friend’s house, where he was “surprised I was there, but remained cooperative.”

Paar wrote in the affidavit that after being arrested, Edwards admitted that he had previously been arrested and released on a bail bond in Heard County, Georgia, and that the conditions of release instituted by the Georgia court included him living with his mother in South Paris to receive help for substance abuse.

Attorney Gregory Braun, who was representing Edwards on Monday afternoon, asked for bail to be set at $5,000.

Judge Patrick Ende said bail would remain at $10,000, but once Edwards was appointed an attorney, he could argue for lowering the bail.

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