FARMINGTON — A Kingfield man pleaded guilty Monday to providing liquor to two 16-year-old girls in May and allowing them to drink it at a Kingfield apartment.

Scott Mclean, 24, pleaded guilty two misdemeanor charges of allowing a minor to possess or consume liquor and to furnishing liquor to a minor.

The state dismissed two felony charges of aggravated furnishing of marijuana.

Justice William Stokes sentenced Mclean to six months in jail, all suspended, and one year of probation. Conditions include no use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs and no contact with the teenagers.

Assistant Attorney General David Fisher said they were able to reach a parent of one of the girls but not the other one, and they were satisfied with the outcome.

Mclean was accused of providing the girls with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey in May at an apartment in Kingfield. The girls told him and a co-defendant that they did not like the hard liquor. Two Twisted Teas were purchased and the girls shared one of them, according to Franklin County Sgt. Kevin Hartley’s affidavit.

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