100 years ago, 1916
Many grocers of Lewiston and Auburn are complaining about the small or “one man” stores keeping open on Sunday. They claim that it is strictly against the law and that the police of the two cities should see that they were closed. This is one of the reasons why the grocers do not feel that they can afford to give their clerks shorter hours since the competition of the small stores, running seven days a week, is strong against them.

50 years ago, 1966
The mayors of Lewiston and Auburn requested Monday night that all United States flags in the two cities be flown at half staff Tuesday morning as a mark of respect to the Twin Cities’ first victim of the Viet Nam fighting. Mayor Robert L. Couturier of Lewiston and Auburn Mayor Harry W. Woodard Jr. issued separate statements asking public buildings, schools and private business and home owners to fly their flags at half staff during the funeral of Sgt. Michael J. McGonagle, 20, who died Oct. 17 in Viet Nam as the result of battle wounds. A contingent of regular army troops from Ft. Devens, Mass., will be on hand to render full military honors to Sgt. McGonagle, who was serving in Viet Nam with the 25th Division.

25 years ago, 1991
You’ve known it first as St. Mary’s General Hospital, then more recently as St. Mary’s Hospital. Now it’s time to get used to a new name … St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. James Cassidy, president and CEO of Sisters of Charity Health System and St. Mary’s, announced the name change to his staff on Friday as part of the health system’s Employee Recognition Day. Cassidy and other hospital administrators worked hard to keep the re-naming a secret from employees. Before the unveiling of the new name, workers covered the newly-installed letters near the entrance of St. Mary’s.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be edited.

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