PARIS — The Planning Board on Tuesday tabled a decision on a site-plan review for a medical marijuana facility until the full board is in attendance.

Shawn Knight, a state-registered medical marijuana caregiver, wants to use 3,000 square feet of the 4,100-square-foot building at 45 East Main St. for medical marijuana cultivation. Workers would be on site from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and there would be a surveillance system. He would not have store hours.

Chairman Jim Hakala read a four-page commentary on potential issues with the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance, because the building is near the Little Androscoggin River.

Assessor Jerry Samson, who is assisting with code enforcement duties while the town continues its search for another code enforcement officer, weighed in on the matter.

“(The ordinance) allows for commercial uses,” Samson said. “The Planning Board, under limited commercial, they can decide which kind of commercial businesses to allow there. Under shoreland zoning you’re looking at pollution issues not (social). … There is not a problem with what he’s doing with shoreland zoning.”

Alternate board member Rick Little, filling in to create a quorum, asked about the material Knight planned to use to seal the building to help prevent the marijuana odor from escaping.

Knight said he will start with fire-rated Sheetrock and seal it with fire-rated sealant and erect five walls.

Hakala asked if he was going to submit proposed changes in writing to the landlords.

Co-owner Joyce Colby was asked by Little if she was OK with the changes and the project.

“We’re fine,” she said.

Planning Board member Franca Ainsworth worried about the smell negatively affecting neighbors.

Knight said he would not vent the air outside; it would be recycled in the building through an air conditioner. He also plans to install carbon filters near the entrances to help mitigate the smell.

“There are way more (unregistered marijuana growers) than you guys realize,” Knight said. “I am just trying to be right straight up and forward. … I don’t want to hide anything. It’s a legitimate business and I want to move toward the future.”

“I appreciate that,” Little said.

Little made a motion to accept the site plan review; he and Ainsworth voted for it and Hakala voted against.

Town Clerk Liz Knox said the plan isn’t approved because it’s a five-member board and all three members in attendance had to vote in favor.

Little rescinded his motion and made a motion to table the matter until Nov. 22, which passed unanimously.

In other news, the board:

* Accepted the site-plan review for Nicholas Costanzi to run a doggy day care/boarding business called Streaked Mountain Canine Camp at his home at 88 Reservoir Road, with the condition that the state Animal Welfare Office signs off on the business; and

* Accepted a subdivision application and plot plan for James and Deborah DeShon for Ryerson Hill Heights on Ryerson Hill Road so they could sell a ranch house. The on-site inspection was waived. 

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