Age (on Election Day): 69

Party affiliation: Republican

Occupation: Realtor

Community organizations:

Member, Bethel Town Budget Committee; director, Oxford County Soil and Water District; president, Bethel Seniors Group; founder, Crescent Park Reading Program; former Bethel Comprehensive Planning Committee; Seniors Plus Advisory Board. Additional experience: school board, selectboard, Project Graduation, Oxford County Budget Committee

Hobbies, activities etc.:

Reading, cooking, spending time with family.

Family status: Married

Years in Legislature: 2

Clean Election candidate? Yes

Committee assignments wanted:

Health and Human Services

What is the most pressing problem in your district and what do you plan to do about it?

We have to keep the focus on encouraging more job growth for rural Maine. This is why I supported $13.5 million for Maine’s pulp and paper industry to make sure that our pulp trucks keep rolling and our mills stay open. We can do so much more to support small businesses.

Gov. Paul LePage wants to eliminate the state income tax. Do you support that? If not, why not?

I strongly support reducing the income tax, because the more take-home pay Mainers have, the better. I trust people to make better decisions with their hard-earned money than government ever will, and we need to work together to reduce the income tax in a way that is fair.

Are you willing to support raising the fuel tax to fix Maine roads? If not, why not?

This worries me because the impact this could have on businesses isn’t well known. When it gets more expensive to transport goods, the cost goes up. We can save money by eliminated waste, and the bond question on the ballot in November will also be a factor here as well.

The relationship between the governor and the Legislature has deteriorated over the past six years. What can the Legislature do to improve that relationship?

I’ve worked with Gov. LePage on addressing domestic violence, and was proud to sponsor LD 150 and LD 1438 with the governor’s help. I’m confident that the best thing we can do is lead by example, in a way that keeps both parities working together for our common goals.

What methods do you support to reduce opiate addiction in Maine?

As a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, I have learned a lot about the drug crisis, and how it affects every community in Maine. There are families counting on us, right now, to do the right thing and provide additional support for enforcement, prevention, and treatment.

How are you voting on the referendum questions?

Question 1: No
Question 2: No
Question 3: No
Question 4: No
Question 5: No

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