CHESTERVILLE — The resignations of Selectmen David Archer and Anne Lambert created two vacancies that will be decided in the Nov. 8 elections.

Tiffany Estabrook and Steve Welch are running for the remainder of the three-year term previously held by Archer.

Estabrook is originally from Farmington. She has lived in Chesterville for seven years, is married with four sons, and runs a daycare from her home. She had previously worked seven years in accounts receivable for Farmington Farmers Union.

She is active with the Mt. Blue Sports Boosters and is involved with Cooperative Extension’s 4-H equine program, giving lessons and clinics. She is a member of the Maine Quarter Horse Association. 

“I like people,” Estabrook said.

Estabrook sees differences of opinion in Chesterville rather than pressing issues and compared the select board to a tree trunk, the structure that holds everything together, she said.

Estabrook said those differences have come about because people started to get involved. It’s great to have questions, but the town needs to have policies in place to protect the town and its employees, she said.

“You need job descriptions,” she said. “You need to be able to pay the employees.” 

Estabrook is glad to see more people attending the Chesterville selectmen’s meetings. It’s sad that it only happens when there is an issue, she said.

Estabrook said what has worked for 35 years may not work now. Change is hard, but legally the town needs to get with the times, she said.

“Whoever is elected needs to be willing to move forward,” Estabrook said. “My demeanor, calmness and ability to reason could help people come together.” 

Running against her is Steve Welch, who has lived in Chesterville his entire life. He has been married for 26 years and has four grown children and three grandchildren. Welch has 15 years of experience as a supervisor at Stratton Lumber and was a log scaler at the Irving Mill in Strong. He later worked at their Dixfield mill until his back issues got too severe.

Welch has been attending the meetings for several months, as he wanted to get involved and see what was going on. Several people asked him to run, he said.

Welch thought others had more experience, but when no one stepped up, he did.

“I want to lend a hand, see the town moving forward,” he said. “I have a lot to learn. At the meetings, I noticed time is something that’s needed. I’m home with time to give.”

He sees communication as Chesterville’s biggest concern. Archer and Lambert leaving made for some hard feelings. There were a lot of rumors, he said.

“People want peace of mind and know that things are getting done,”  Welch said. “Trust is important and the rumors have hurt.”

There are a lot of policies Welch thinks the town should have.

“They are needed to protect our employees,” he said.

Welch is a cousin of selectman Matt Welch and doesn’t see that as an issue.

“Matt’s fair — I respect him,” Welch said. “If I’m in the wrong, he’ll be sure to tell me. We can agree to disagree.” 

No one took out nomination papers for the time remaining on Lambert’s one-year seat, although several people have indicated an interest if they were written in.

Town Clerk Heather Wheeler said, “Maitland Lord and Tyler Jenness have said, ‘yes,’ they would consider it. There are others being spoken of that I haven’t talked with.”

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