Tommy’s Feral Felines is an all volunteer, no kill organization which receives no official funding and relies solely on the donations and the income generated by its fund raising events. Tommy’s staff works hard 365 days a year in all kinds of Maine weather to support abandoned cats that live a feral existence. In addition to feeding and sheltering the cats, Tommy’s provides spaying and neutering, vaccinations and other medical care to the animals, many of which are too many generations feral to be adoptable.

Tommy’s has faced several crises in recent times that have left them in dire financial need. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. So whether you would like to bake, pick up some yummy holiday treats, have bottles or cans to drop by or would just like to make a donation, please mark these dates on your calendar and make the holidays brighter for our furry friends and those who work so selflessly to care for them. For further information or to make a donation you can contact Norm Blais at 207-240-8767 or at [email protected] or at P. O. Box 274, Greene, ME 04236. — Tommy’s and all of their feral kitties.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: First, thank you for the referral for the reader looking for a Reader’s Digest on Nov. 9. I want to correct one thing. You write that “most magazines are for library use only,” which is actually incorrect, the vast majority of our magazines can be checked out, including Reader’s Digest. For those who are not a resident of Lewiston or Auburn but would like to check out a magazine, the easiest option would be to request the magazine through inter-library loan at their local public library. The library could ask us for the item on the person’s behalf and we’ll send it out for them to pick up at their home library. Or if they’re in town and would rather check it out here in Lewiston, they do have the option of purchasing a non-resident library card (or a free resident card if they qualify: — Marcela Peres, Adult Services Librarian, Lewiston Public Library.

ANSWER: Thank you so much for this important correction. It is very nice to know that library patrons can check out past copies of magazines to read at their leisure in their own home. Our libraries are a great resource for so many things, Sun Spots invites everyone to stop in to their own local library to see what they have to offer today.

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