At the first White House Press Association dinner of his administration in February 2009, President Barack Obama stepped up to the dais and said (semi-humorously) — “I’m Barack Obama. Many of you know me and ALL of you voted for me” (emphasis mine). Judging from the press reaction to Tuesday’s election, not much has changed with the mainstream media.

There has been much speculation over the question of how could the polls have been so wrong. A few possible reasons (I was a phone poller, apologies in advance): there were a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump but didn’t want anyone to know; leading to people flat out lie when asked the question; and, in my opinion, there were cases in which the media skewed the results and in some cases predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide — one of the reasons being to discourage Trump supporters from even turning out.

None of the people I know believed the polls or even took them seriously.

Former Secretary of State Clinton’s concession speech was very classy. Thanks to her for that.

Terence McManus New Sharon

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