I thank U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, the four-term Republican, for giving birth to Donald Trump. She loved to put herself out front and deny his existence during the campaign when things were looking bad for him. It is her policies and lack thereof that will be her downfall.

My greatest hero of all was George H.W. Bush. He was my hero and I always wanted to shake his hand and thank him personally for his service and his family. My heart broke when he decided to play party politics instead of being a patriot and standing behind Trump.

Promises that were made by the Republican representatives during the past 50 years have been lies, lies and more lies. Collins and Olympia Snowe acted more like Democrats and protected their positions, not the people.

America needs border security, good jobs, lower taxes and better health insurance.

I am a veteran and I am proud of my choice of supporting Trump. I believe he will take care of the veterans, the elderly and all citizens of the U.S.

He is the first candidate I have voted for who I trust will do what he says — unlike Barack Obama, who promised to clean out Washington insiders, get rid of wasteful spending and be the president for all people.

People of this nation are more divided today than I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Raymond Fournier, Auburn

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