FARMINGTON — A Franklin County justice lowered bail Friday from $80,000 to $60,000 worth of real estate for a Wilton man accused of killing a New Sharon man on June 1 in Wilton.

Bail for Timothy Danforth, 25, was set by Justice William Stokes at $150,000 cash with a Maine pretrial contract in September.

Danforth was indicted Aug. 18 on a charge of intentional and knowing murder of Michael Reis, 24, outside Danforth’s father’s house.

It was reduced to $80,000 worth of real estate on Nov. 9 when a family friend of Danforth, Kathy Crockett, was willing to put up her Wilton residence as surety bail. At the time, she thought the property was appraised at $80,000.

She told the justice she was misinformed about the value of the property.

Stokes accepted the amended bail with the Maine pretrial contract. The bail has significant restrictions on Danforth’s movements and activities, he said.  The Maine pretrial contract has been granted and signed, Stokes said.


The case is not expected to go to trial until September 2017, he said.

Assistant Attorney General Robert Ellis previously said Reis was shot at close range three times.

Police previously said that Reis was among a group of people who went to Danforth’s father’s residence on the Weld Road, and got into a confrontation with Danforth and his father. Reis’ friends got him into a vehicle and took him to a Farmington hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Danforth’s release conditions include no contact with several people, including the family of the victim. He was also ordered to not use or possess alcohol, illegal drugs or dangerous weapons.

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