STRONG — Mt. Abram High School has listed its first-quarter honor roll of the 2016-17 school year.

High honors

Those receiving a 93 or higher in all full-credit academic subjects.

Grade 12: Jordan Averill, Abigayle Brackley, Autumn Hinkley, Brianna Hinkley, Brooke-Lynn Hinkley, Risa Marble, Alexis Poulin, Senna Reid, Alora Ross, Mason Strunk, Avery Taylor and Tiernan Tooker.

Grade 10: Alexis Ambroise, Kiley Holt, Katherine Renshaw and Serena Sitz.

Grade nine: Evan Allen, Jackson Masterson and Ethan Powell.


Those receiving an 85 or higher in all full-credit academic subjects.

Grade 12: Sean Allen, Marya Beedy, Brendan Bracy, Shania Campbell, Glendon Howard, Katlyn Marble, Megan Marble, Britney Sargent, Olivia Scott, Brian Taylor, Mitchell Wallace and Bonnie Walston.

Grade 11: Sarah Andrews, Emma Berube, Emily Deming, Jack Eustis, Dante Gerardi, Trevor Hupper, Kaitlyn Jansky, Cailyn Lagassie, Katrina Maxsimic, Kaci Presby, Reed Stevens, Samuel Storer, Tyler Sweetser, Denver Vandrey and Kelsey Wood.

Grade 10: Carter Andrews, Hunter Bate, Zoya Bishop, Levi Bouchard, Benjamin Butterfield, Alice Cockerham, Jack Deming, Hailey Fenwick, Silas Hayden, David Kidd, Ashley LaGross, Taylor Lane, Alana Mahar, Joanie Mitchell, Carrie-Ann Morgan, Adam Perry, Jocelyn Stevens, Dillan Wells, Michael White and Nathan White.

Grade nine: Jacob Butterfield, Zoe Daggett, Lydia Dicentes, Isaiah Finn, Bryce Fitzpatrick, Shyan Frye, Tyson Hill, Braydee Hinkley, Hannah Holland, Tyler Jensen, Jonathan Jordan, Jonathan Luce, Nathan Luce, Denny Marble, Jacob O’Donal, Baylie McLaughlin, Allison Pinkham, Jacquelynn Plog, Nicholas Poulin, Yvonne Provencher, Celeste Reid, Emma Root, Abigail Silver, MaryGold Silver, Hailey Walker and Harrison Walters.

Honorable mentions

Those receiving an 85 or higher in four full-credit academic subjects, and 74 or higher in all other subjects.

Grade 12: Tristen Beeney, Nathan Boyce, Cassidy Burbank, Riley Davenport, Bradley Fecteau, Brett Fenwick, Wyatt Haynes, Machaon Henderson, Alisha Knowles, Daniel Luce, Herbert Quinonez, Rebecca Reed, Taylor Reed, Vernon Romanoski, Sally Stevens, Destiny Thorndike, Triston Walker, Caleb Warren and Isabella Wells.

Grade 11: Denesha Begin, Brooklynn Brown, Carrie Burdin, Destiney Clark, Daniel Emery, Jacie Hobbs, Abaigael Holland, Casey Holt, Kasie Hudson, Lindsay Huff, Evan MacKay, Kai Mahar, Daniel Quinonez, Chenoa Savage, Tor Tooker, Daniel Webber, Bryce Werzanski and Tristin Woodbury.

Grade 10: Maya Caron, Sam DeFroscia, Serenity Dunphy, Autumn Fournier, Rylee Handrahan, Brandon Hemingway, Brett Moon, Ethan Ross, Summer Ross, Hailee Rowe and Austin Warren.

Grade nine: Makenzi Barker, Caleb Bracy, Shianne Bryant, India Coolong, Destiny Crandall, Christy Emery, Fiona Hathaway, Marya Hinkley, River Horn, Danielle Howard, Emily Pinkham, Taitianna Quinonez, Alexis Robbins, Isabel Roderick, Chandler Rollins, Noah Rush, Gage Smith, Guinevere Webster, Lori Woodcock and Jedidiah Zelie.

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