DEAR SUN SPOTS: I think you would do the people a great service to let them know that Chick A Dee of Lewiston is handicapped-accessible. The ad in the paper talks about new improvements to the outside of the restaurant including a newly paved parking lot but doesn’t mention the wheelchair ramp that leads directly into the dining area. Happy holidays to all. — No name, no town.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Recently Mary Ellen Bradford died. In her obituary it was mentioned that she was co-host of “Dialing for Dollars/Swap Shop” on WCSH with John Dougherty. I don’t have a computer, can Sun Spots provide a brief history of that program? Is John Dougherty still living? — No name, Poland Spring.

ANSWER: If anyone has any memory of these programs, please write in, Sun Spots would be very happy to share.

“Dialing for Dollars” was a unique kind of game show from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. A lot of local television stations across the country would air their own version hosted by local celebrities or news anchors. On the program, a password would be announced then they would draw a random phone number out of a large bowl, call that number, and if the person who answered was tuning in and knew the password they would win the money.

According to Bradford’s obituary, John Dougherty helped host that show. He was a local news anchor for many years, starting out at WCSH then moving down to Boston to join WBZ-TV. He returned to Portland as an anchor on WMTW and, according to a Sun Journal report from Sept. 2003, he anchored his final newscast for News 8 WMTW on Sept. 5, 2003.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Thank you for the great service you give readers. When the Maine Veterans’ Home was built in Paris, many veterans groups and others came to be volunteers. I have been involved since it opened in 1995. We are always looking for new veterans clubs and others who would like to be part of the volunteer group. — John Kezal, Secretary.

ANSWER: Please consider volunteering for Maine Veterans’ Home. They have many great events throughout the year. They are at 477 High St. in Paris and reached by calling 207-743-6300. 

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We went to a casino in Maine to play a few slots. At noon we decided to have lunch there before returning home. When the bill came, there was an added fee. When we inquired about this, we were told that it was because the restaurant was close to the bar, even though a complete wall was between the two. Is it legal to add extra money to a bill even though we were not informed and it was not posted? — No name, Lewiston.

ANSWER: Always check with a manager when questioning charges at a restaurant; it is always possible that your server was misinformed. When there is a question about whether something is legal, it is best to file a consumer complaint or at least ask your consumer related question by contacting the attorney general’s office. Call 207-626-8800 or send a letter to 6 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333.

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