WEST PARIS — Selectmen will hold a public hearing at the Town Office on Thursday, Jan. 12, on a proposed marijuana moratorium, among other issues.

The other issues include a dog ordinance that has been rewritten and has to go to hearing before it goes to voters at the annual town meeting, a proposed amendment to the Intent to Build or Renovate Ordinance that would prohibit mobile homes more than 30 years old from being moved into town (existing ones would be grandfathered) and a proposed increase from $10 to $25 for a special amusement permit.

In other news at a recent Board of Selectmen meeting:

* General Assistance Administrator Shannon Moxcey asked for financial assistance, which falls outside the GA allowable expenditures, to enable a West Paris woman to get $399 to pay off college debt so she would be able to re-enroll and finish her degree.

Concerned about setting a precedent yet unwilling to do nothing, Selectmen Mike Grass and Town Manager Wade Rainey offered to help the woman, leaving the town out of the picture. Moxcey said her client would be able to repay the money soon.

* Caleb White’s application to be appointed to the Budget Committee was tabled until the board can meet with him.

* Troy Billings was appointed fire chief. 

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