MILLINOCKET (AP) — Maine game wardens say three women are safe after they became separated while snowmobiling near Millinocket.

Wardens say 62-year-old Dorothy Gould, of Glenburn, Maine, Alice Meadow of Texas and Valerie Morrow, of Garland Maine, both of whom are in their 50s, were staying together at a camp on Smith Pond west of Millinocket Sunday night when they went snowmobiling.

Two became stuck near Penobscot Pond. Gould left her friends and went to find help, but she got lost and ran out of gas near a campground. She went into a cabin and made a fire.

Wardens began searching around 2:30 a.m. Monday.

Gould met other snowmobilers Monday who provided gas and she followed them back toward Millinocket where she met wardens.

Meadow and Morrow were found by wardens Monday.

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