LIVERMORE — A town meeting to address a recycling agreement and a marijuana moratorium ordinance will be held Tuesday, Jan. 10.

The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. at Spruce Mountain Elementary School on Gibbs Mill Road.

Townspeople will consider terminating the agreement with Oxford County Regional Recycling Corp. effective July 1.

The corporation was formed over 20 years ago with some 20 towns participating. Because there is no longer sufficient recycling volume to make it cost-effective, 12 of the 15 remaining towns voted last July to dissolve the corporation.

A letter to town officials in August indicated that to meet the terms of the agreement, they must ask voters if they wish to terminate the agreement by printed ballot.

The question was put to voters during November’s election, with 58 percent voting in favor. A two-thirds majority was needed for the town to be considered in favor of dissolution. To dissolve the corporation, at least eight of the remaining municipalities must approve the action by printed ballot with a two-thirds majority vote. 

At a Nov. 15 Board of Selectpersons meeting, Chairman Mark Chretien said dissolving the corporation would save the town at least $4,000 in 2017.

Voters will also consider adopting a marijuana moratorium ordinance, following the passage of Question 1 in November legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The ordinance would prohibit retail marijuana establishments and social clubs for 180 days to give town officials time to prepare for licensing.

The moratorium may be extended an additional 180 days if the town finds there is still a need and reasonable progress is being made.

The ordinance would not affect existing medical marijuana provisions by licensed caregivers in compliance with state law. 

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