FALMOUTH — Kits for Cumberland County youth organizations wanting to hatch chicks are available from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Cumberland County 4-H Program.

The 4-H Embryology Project Kits cost $15 to rent, with a $50 deposit in the form of a check required. The deposit will be returned when equipment is returned undamaged.

The kits provide an experiential learning opportunity for youth by providing materials needed to successfully hatch chicks. Youths learn life skills such as disease prevention, problem-solving, record-keeping, planning and organizing. They can study the process of incubation, learn about the cycle of life, care for healthy and possibly unhealthy chicks and work as a team to ensure the success of their project.

Kits contain a Styrofoam incubator with viewing window, thermometer, hygrometer, heat lamp with bulb, food and watering dishes, disinfectant, 4-H Cooperative Extension curriculum, and a poster display showing development stages and information on embryology.

Participants must find their own fertile eggs for use with the kit. A list of where to obtain fertile eggs will be provided with kits. Youths must have someone willing to take hatched chicks after the program.

Kits are available at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Cumberland County 4-H Program at 75 Clearwater Drive, Suite 104, Falmouth.

FMI, register: umaine.edu/cumberland/programs/embryology-project-kit, 207-781-6099, [email protected]

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