As a taxpayer, the thought of how many refugees are coming to Maine scares me. I do feel bad for them, but where is the money coming from to support them? Is it from the taxpayers who can just about live on what they’re making?

I think the state should be taking care of people already here before giving to others.

Are the refugees and asylum seekers going to live by the laws of this state and nation? How do we know that they are not going to take over a town or city? We don’t know. It is overwhelming.

In a recent televised interview with Lewiston Mayor Bob Macdonald, I heard that the city of Lewiston has to pay 100 percent of the General Assistance costs for eligible immigrants and the state will reimburse 70 percent of those costs, but not in a timely way. That money comes from hardworking Maine people.

What rights do we, as taxpayers, have to say “no” to sharing that money? Can we sue the state government?

This is our home and we should have a say.

Diane Thomas, Greene

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