President Donald Trump is already a lame duck. Republicans are holding town hall meetings all over the country (when they dare to show up), and the question that is asked most frequently and vehemently is, “Why doesn’t Trump release his taxes to show he has no Russian connections and conflicts of interest?”

The latest reason is simply, “He won the election so why should it matter?” To that I say, if it doesn’t matter, why keep them hidden?

The longer this issue continues to plague Trump, the more congressional Republicans will look as if they’re complicit in Trump’s devious behavior, and the “people’s business” will suffer.

President Barack Obama was smart enough to know that only full disclosure regarding his birth certificate would allow him to pursue his agenda unencumbered by speculation. Trump will only smarten up when he is forced to by subpoena.

Trump has had no problem lying his way into the White House; explaining any indiscretions in his taxes should be a piece of cake.

Alvey Pelletier, Norway

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