Solar advocates scheduled a news conference for Tuesday at the State House as the latest move in an interminable energy battle, and there are two major things at play.

Democratic lawmakers plan to push two bills to preserve and boost the future of solar power incentives, according to the Portland Press Herald. But advocates are trying to change the past, too. Dot Kelly, an energy industry veteran who lives in Phippsburg, petitioned the Maine Public Utilities Commission on Monday to reconsider a controversial solar policy ruling.

Kelly wants the commission to go into more detail to address specific concerns raised in 25 filings and 305 public comments, writing, “Only a select handful of commenters were listed by name and many comments were not specifically addressed in the order.”

She wants the commission to address three things, in particular:

  • How it determined that incentives for solar shift costs to other customers.
  • Why it ignored the value of solar power established in a commission study.
  • How the reduction in net metering payments meets the intent of a policy to encourage solar generation.

The commission can reopen the case or deny the request. If denied, petitioners can appeal the decision to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. 

Workers for Revision Energy install solar panels on the roof of the New Gloucester Water District’s facility on Bald Hill Road recently.

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