DEAR SUN SPOTS: When a landlord rents an apartment that requires a security deposit, isn’t he supposed to put that in a separate account and, if available, at the end, pay it back to the tenants with interest accumulated on that account? Just wondering — after all, that is their money. — No name, Rumford.

ANSWER: Yes and no. The landlord must keep your security deposit in a bank account separate from other funds and protected in case of bankruptcy, foreclosure or sale of the building, but it is not law that they pay the tenant any accumulated interest on the security deposit. You can request that the landlord give you interest, but again, Maine law does not require it.

You can see the full text of consumer rights when renting an apartment in Maine here:

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Our SEARCH program, (Seek Elderly Alone, Renew, Courage & Hope) is a program of Catholic Charities Maine. We have wonderful volunteers who are matched to our elderly clients to provide them with support services to help them be less isolated and remain in their own homes longer. Our volunteers help by making telephone reassurance calls, home visits or by assisting them with errands and providing transportation assistance. We have many seniors in Androscoggin County who are waiting for volunteers to become a friendly companion with them and provide transportation support so they can get out into their community. If you are interested in volunteering with the elderly, we would love to talk to you about joining our program and volunteering with us.

We are also in need of 4-ply yarn of all colors, in good condition, to support our volunteers who are busy knitting hats, mittens, baby items and afghans, which, in turn, are given to the needy of all ages. The yarn is donated to our SEARCH program and given out to our knitters as needed.

For more information about donating yarn or becoming a volunteer with us, please call our main office at 207-784-0157. Thank you for your donations and support. We hope you will join us by becoming a volunteer to help make a difference in the life of a senior in your community! With heartfelt gratitude. — Wendy Russell, program director, Auburn.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I want to say thank you three different times to the people who have helped me.

The first one was in December at Marden’s in Lewiston. This person helped my granddaughter and me when I fell. This man helped me inside until my daughter got there.

The second one was in January when I couldn’t get change to take the bus from Dunkin’ Donuts on Center Street in Auburn. A lady gave me 75 cents to take the bus. Thanks to her kindness, I did not have to walk into town.

The third was at Wal-Mart in Auburn. Someone gave me a dollar so I wouldn’t have to put back some bananas. He said everyone needs them, it was so very sweet of him. Thank you all very much. — No name, Turner.

ANSWER: Thank you for sharing your experiences. There are so many kind and helpful people in our communities.

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