CHESTERVILLE — All articles passed at the town meeting Monday night, but some drew discussion first.

Proposed articles concerning the reopening of the Adams and Gordon Hill roads documented voter approval of winter maintenance. The roads were closed and later reopened, but records can’t be found for when that happened.

Amendments were made to include longitude and latitude coordinates that would provide starting and ending points for future reference. Inclusion of a town-maintained easement for a turnaround on Adams Road was also added.

The proposed recall ordinance was passed after some explanation. One resident wanted to make sure a policy wasn’t already in place.

An amount of $1,500 was approved for the North Chesterville Extension Homemakers, up from $500 in previous years.

Member Glenda Barker said the increase came about when residents asked about holding a summer festival again, which included a barbecue, games and a parade. The article passed and the first planning meeting was scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday, March 30, at the Town Office.


In regard to disposing of property acquired for non-payment of taxes, resident Kitty Gee asked what was being done about collecting taxes.

The town report lien summary, 2005 through 2015, lists $79,945 in taxes due. For 2016, 251 accounts are listed owing taxes of $215,917. Twenty-four of those accounts were paid in full after Dec. 31. Another 23 have made partial payments.

One resident asked if there were programs available to help and to make these programs public so those who were behind in their taxes would be aware of them. 

Although concerns were expressed about a proposed five-year contract with Archie’s Inc., the contract was approved. The company took over when Sandy River Recycling disbanded three years ago.

The town will pay $29,203 in 2017 and $32,531 in 2021.

Selectman Tiffany Estabrook said the initial increase from 2016 would be $53.48 every two weeks or $106.96 per month, which is about $1,300 for the year.


“No other trash-hauling company wants to come to Chesterville,” Selectman Tyler Jenness said.

Budget member Kim Lessard said she was not in favor of the contract because a lot could happen in five years.

One resident said the increase over the five years is practically flat.

Incoming Selectman Ross Clair said he was surprised a company would quote figures that far out.

Also debated but approved was borrowing $25,000 and raising that amount to buy equipment for Public Works.

Asked why the full amount wasn’t being raised, Selectman Guy Iverson said it was spread over two years because the total budget was already up $18,000 over last year.


Selectman Edward Hastings IV, elected earlier this month to replace Iverson, proposed an amendment to use undesignated funds rather than borrowing money.

Resident Scott Gray questioned the legality of doing that. Moderator Jim Grippe and the selectmen looked into it. They determined when a source of funding is listed in an article, the source shouldn’t be changed.

Voters approved the original wording.

Monday, Chesterville residents vote on an article at the annual town meeting.

Incoming Chesterville selectman Ross Clair at left is sworn in to office by moderator Jim Grippe Monday following the annual town meeting.

Incumbent selectman Tyler Jenness at left is sworn in to office by moderator Jim Grippe following the annual Chesterville town meeting Monday.

Incoming selectman Edward Hastings IV at left is sworn in to office by moderator Jim Grippe following the annual Chesterville town meeting Monday.

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