100 years ago, 1917
The resolve appropriating $80,000 for the construction of a National Guard Armory in Lewiston received its several readings and was passed to be engrossed in the Maine Senate Thursday morning. An amendment provides that sum shall be taken from any fund immediately available — preferably the million dollars subscribed for War purposes. It is provided, also, that the work of construction shall be supervised by a committee appointed by the Governor And composed, in addition to the adjutant general, of two citizens of Lewiston and two of Bangor. An exactly similar resolve providing for the construction in Bangor, was also passed to be engrossed.

50 years ago, 1967
A lease document for considerable space in the Cushman-Hollis building at Court, Union and School streets, Auburn, was filed Wednesday at the Androscoggin County Registry of Deeds. The lease, which runs for five years, calls for an expansion of space currently occupied by the firm. According to the document, Advance Heel Co. Inc. will take both floors of the wooden frame building along Union and School streets, part of the second floor of the main building, part of the lower floor of the main building on Court Street, and a section at the rear of the plant.

25 years ago, 1992
For the first time ever, Auburn will see its total tax base shift the much as 1 percent — or about $10 million — according to Tax Assessor Joe Downey. The effects of taxpayer the recession have hit home at last as certain segments of the tax base are going into a decline, vacancies in commercial buildings are up and a surplus of space is driving rental income down. Lewiston vacancies have increased, expenses are up and income is down. City Assessor Joe Grube is predicting Lewiston will lose about $13 million in value to the economy.

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