AUBURN — Shaun Braxton passed away unexpectedly in his sleep the morning of Wednesday, April 19.

He is survived by his loving children, Shanisa, Alisha, Shaun, Jaiden and Taylor; and his soulmate, Heather Lent. Shaun leaves behind his loving mother; his father, Ed; and his siblings, Ryan, Shalisa and Anthony; as well, he leaves behind his “other mother” Maureen; his FIRMSET family; and many, many aunts and uncles.

Shawn was a magnetic human being who people naturally gravitated toward. His continuous laughter, love for music and words of wisdom will forever be missed. Above all else, Shawn placed his strongest emphasis on loving his family and ensuring they were always happy. He will be sorely missed by all those who knew him.

Shaun Braxton

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