CANTON — Selectmen were asked Thursday night about progress on fixing recreational facilities and reviewing four town ordinances.

Recreation Committee member Phyllis Ouellette asked what was being done to fix the baseball field, the snack shack and its fry-o-lator, and the ice rink.

“It’s getting toward the end of the (fiscal) year and the budget cycle is coming to an end,” she said, adding that the town approved about $15,000 for the committee.

“As I recall, it was to fix the field, electricity for the snack shack, and it was to fix up the old hermit shack for storage for sports equipment to be stored there, and the fry-o-lators and the ice rink,” Ouellette said. “So looking at things, I know that the electricity is done and that’s about it.”

Selectman Don Hutchins said he was thankful she was there to push selectmen along on the ball field because “things get away from us and time goes by.”

He said he met with Ouellette and her husband, Rene, before Thursday’s meeting to talk about putting the snack shack building on a pontoon boat “and turn it into a pirate’s galley, pirate ship and have a little fun with it.”


Administrative Assistant Scotty Kilbreth said officials are looking for a pontoon boat “and that way we’re mobile and when we get flooded we can cut the anchor line and go.”

Selectmen also talked with Rene Ouellette about how to fix the ice rink, where volleyball and horseshoe games are played in the summer.

“Right now it’s a mudhole,” Rene Ouellette said.

Selectman Malcolm Ray suggested using gravel as the base.

Hutchins commended the Ouellettes for their “hard work” and the couple received applause from those in attendance.

In other news, Planning Board members Becky McDonald and Doleen Boyce asked what had been done about ordinances governing the Planning Board, recreational land use, local food self-governance, and automobile graveyards, nuisance and/or junkyards.


“We turned these in in November,” Boyce said. “Why were they not looked at? What was the reason why they weren’t gone over?”

“The problem is you guys have got to talk to these guys because you’re separate boards,” Kilbreth told them.

Boyce and McDonald said they’re concerned that the ordinances won’t be ready for the town meeting June 15.

In other business, Selectman Russell Adams’ grandfather, Bernard Adams, will celebrate his 100th birthday May 27. The town is planning a card shower for him. People may send cards to: Canton Town Office, 94 Turner St., Canton, ME 04221. The cards will be delivered on his birthday.

Canton Budget Committee Chairwoman Faith Campbell, left, Planning Board Secretary Doleen Boyce, center, and Planning Board Chairwoman Becky McDonald attend Thursday night’s selectmen meeting.

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