5/12/2017 Deputy McCormick responded to a single vehicle accident on Foster Hill Rd in Freeman Twp., the driver was reported to have minor injuries.

5/12/2017 Deputy McCormick conducted a security escort for a man in New Sharon as he was attempting to retrieve personal belongings from a residence in town.

5/12/2017 Deputy Morgan responded to Flag Star Drive in Strong regarding a report of the home owner finding multiple items in the woods behind his house that may be stolen which included a laptop, camera and several street signs from the Strong area.

5/13/2017 Sgt. Bean conducted a traffic stop on the Farmington Falls Rd in New Sharon for speeding.  As a result of the stop, Lawrence Knowles (50) of Norridgewock was arrested on two warrants.

5/13/2017 Deputy McCormick responded to Pope Rd in Chesterville regarding an animal complaint.  The complainant claims that his neighbor has a large dog that continually comes to his house and acts aggressively and is now threatening to shoot it.  The neighbor stated that if the complainant shot his dog he would shoot him.  Both were explained how the law works, the ACO was not available at the time.

5/13/2017 Sgt. Bean assisted Auburn PD with an attempt to locate a man with mental health issues who had left a group home in Auburn and was reportedly going to Chesterville.  He was located by Farmington PD Sgt. Hastings in the Farmington area and was headed back towards Auburn.


5/13/2017 Sgt. Bean responded to West Sid Rd in Weld for a report of juveniles drinking at a party.  Upon inspection, it was determined to be a false report.

5/14/2017 Deputy Doucette conducted a traffic stop on route 156 in Chesterville.   As a result of the stop and subsequent investigation, Tyler McDonald (30) of Peru was arrested on a probation hold and charged with Unlawful possession of Schedule drugs, then transported to jail. A passenger was charged with Unlawful possession of scheduled drugs (two counts class D) and sale and use of drug paraphernalia infraction.   Sgt. Bean and K-9 Bain assisted with the search for the illegal drugs.

5/14/2017 Deputy McCormick responded to the Redington Rd in Dallas Plt. for a report of an elderly man who driven his vehicle down an ATV trail and got stuck the day before.  He walked out overnight and was located in good health and transported home by McCormick.

5/14/2017 Deputy Scovil arrested Jessica Lane (30) of Strong on a warrant after she had turned herself in at the Sheriff’s Office.

5/15/2017 Deputy Morgan arrested Nickolas McGrane (28) at his Church St. address in Weld on a warrant and transported him to jail.

5/15/2017 Sgt. Bean investigated a harassment complaint in Eustis where a neighbor had removed a real estate “for sale” sign from an abutting piece of property.  The neighbor continuously calls the agents residence complaining about the sign.


5/18/2017 Corrections Officer Moore and Sgt. Nichols assisted Jay Police Officer Booker and Sgt. Abbot with a prisoner that escaped from Booker’s cruiser while parked in the sally port of the jail.  The suspect was captured a short distance away.

5/18/2017 Deputy Doucette attempted to stop a motorcycle which was traveling over the speed limit by 30 mph on Main St in Rangeley Plt.   The driver of the motorbike refused to stop and accelerated, and was later found in Oquossoc by Chief Deputy Lowell who was off duty at the time.  The driver refused to stop for Lowell and sped off and was eventually caught by Doucette on route 17.

5/18/2017 Sgt. Bean responded to Evergreen Circle in Dallas Plt. regarding a report of a suspicious person.  The person was determined to be a legitimate contractor that had stopped at the wrong location.

5/20/2017 Deputy Burke and Sgt. Hartley responded to River Rd in Avon regarding a disturbance call.  As a result of the investigation, Dakota Boyd (24) was arrested on a warrant and a Probation Hold.

5/20/2017 Sgt. Brann investigated a car vs. Moose accident on route 27 in Jim Pond Twp.  The moose died at the scene the car sustained reportable damage.

5/20/2017 Deputy Morgan responded to a loud party complaint on the Bubier Rd in Salem Twp.


5/20/2017 Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on Main St. in Sandy River Plt.  as a result of the stop, Cody Rollins (33) of Phillips was arrested for OUI and transported to jail.

5/20/2017 Sgt. Brann responded to a vehicle fire on Main St in Sandy River Plt where the vehicle ignited while hauling a trailer.

5/20/2017 Deputy McCormick conducted a traffic stop on the Lexington Rd in Kingfield.  As a result of the stop, John Wiese (57) was arrested for Refusing to submit to arrest, displaying fictitious insurance card, OUI (2-Priors), operating with a suspended license and operating with a suspended registration.  Wiese was transported to Franklin County Jail.

5/20/2017 Deputy Doucette conducted a traffic stop on Norton Hill Rd in Strong.  As a result of the stop the driver, Robert Walker (44) was arrested for OUI and the passenger, David Walker (46) was arrested on a warrant.

5/22/2017 Deputy Doucette assisted Farmington Police with a suicidal person in town.

5/22/2017 Deputy Doucette investigated a late report of a domestic assault that occurred on 5/19.  The complainant came into the Sheriff’s Office initially to want information on how to write out a PFA.  After reviewing her statement Doucette determined that she had been assaulted by her husband Michael Smith (49) of 1424 Industry road in Industry.  Sgt. Hartley and Deputy Doucette went to the residence, spoke with Mr. Smith and then arrested him for Domestic Violence Assault and Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening.  Charges were dropped by the District Attorney’s office however the PFA remained in effect.


5/22/2017 Deputy Morgan conducted a welfare check on a juvenile who lived in New Sharon.  The juvenile had made suggestions of abuse and suicidal thoughts on her social media.  Morgan investigated this and after conducting interviews with the parents determined that the “abuse” was actually just discipline and that the juvenile was not suicidal. The family was going to contact their primary care provider for advice on a counselor.

5/23/2017 Deputy McCormick responded to a report of a vehicle almost hitting a school bus head-on on the River Road in Avon.  The driver recognized the offender as a local man from Strong who was later located and warned.

5/23/2017 Deputy Madore responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Main St in New Sharon where vehicles of the former tenants of an apartment there were on the property.

5/23/2017 Sgt. Brann investigated a complaint of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus in the parking lot of the Strong elementary school.

5/23/2017 Deputy Morgan conducted a welfare check on a woman on Lambert Hill Rd in Strong.  It was reported that she was suicidal however after speaking with her, it was determined that she was not.

5/23/2017 Deputy Morgan investigated a complaint in Temple of one neighbor, videotaping another neighbor’s yard as she walked by.  When asked why she stated she did so just in case his dog came out to attack her again.  She wanted video proof.


5/24/2017 Deputy Scovil responded to a dispute on Zions Hill Road in Chesterville, landlord and tenant were having a dispute regarding eviction issues.

5/24/2017 Sgt. Brann responded to a civil issue on Stinchfield Hill Road in Chesterville.  The complainant was upset that his mother had given away a vehicle that he had abandoned on her property for over three years.

5/24/2017 Deputy Morgan conducted a traffic stop on the Croswell Road in Farmington, as a result of the stop; Martin Brown (53) was arrested for OUI and false registration plates

5/24/2017 Deputy Morgan responded to Sand Pond Rd in Chesterville regarding the suicide attempt by a juvenile, the juvenile had taken 100 ibuprofen pills and tix other prescription medication and was transported to FMH.

5/25/2017 Deputy Madore responded to Main St. in New Sharon regarding a suicidal person who was transported to FMH

Deputies conducted 45 building checks all were found secure; they also conducted 12 elder checks.

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