I have been reading many letters to the editor, some for and some against the merger of Lewiston and Auburn, and I appreciate the concerns expressed by both sides of the issue. Ultimately, I have decided that the change offers more upside than downside.

It is true, as opponents say, that the transition could be managed badly and that potential savings might not be realized. But there are real savings that cannot be obtained without consolidation.

Mergers are happening all around — in large corporations, banks — even hospitals. These mergers happen because there are real economies to be gained. It is the same with city services.

I have watched the Auburn City Council struggle with budgets for years now and they have restrained the increases in taxes. But some of that has come at the expense of under-investment in the city’s infrastructure, education and forced decreases in the level of service.

The study demonstrates that a merger offers the best opportunity to save money and restore services while improving infrastructure.

But people don’t need to take my word for it. They could read the study and materials before making up their minds.

Denis Bergeron, Auburn

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