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This week’s poem is by Ruth Bookey of Hallowell. Her most recent book is “I Still Feel the Swirl,” published by Moon Pie Press.


My Sister Looks at Nature

By Ruth Bookey


We’re here on a holiday

Full of enthusiasm.

I am there to greet her.

I’m the big sister ready to show off

this perfect vacation spot.


She flies from Chicago

drives a rented car to Deer Isle

through the familiar

landscape of our childhood.


When I was little I prayed.

I wanted a little sister.

My parents heard my prayers.


She was cute, cuddly

smart, and mine.

I loved showing her off.


Sixty years later,

I still look forward to seeing her.

Visits, aren’t always easy.


But we are sisters,

A history keeps us bound.

Sometimes it feels like love.

We sit together on the deck overlooking:


Pink granite coast edges

Intense blue reflected

in ocean firefly sparkles


Green moss carpeted forest

touching granite.

Its Maine-cliche-perfect.


Silently she stares at ocean and rocks


My adult little sister,

Colorfully dressed, oozing “city woman.”

She sighs, she groans.


She orders a drink

Lights a cigarette

Leans back in her chair,

blows smoke into the clear Maine air.


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