CHESTERVILLE — The threat of rain didn’t dampen enthusiasm at Chesterville Family Fun Day on Saturday.

While parade entrants were lining up in North Chesterville, other people were busy at the town hall. Residents Kathy Gregory, Christina Scott and Doran Scott were getting balloons ready.

“They just moved here from Cleveland,” Gregory said. “They’ve never been to anything like this, seen farm animals.” 

Brenda Medcoff and Mike Cote, leading two pairs of steers, led the parade down Valley Road. Floats depicting the Blast from the Past theme, fire engines, other vehicles and the town’s new excavator were greeted with applause as they made their way past the town hall.

Following the parade, resident and veteran Bob Cox raised the American flag while Rod Heikkinen and Joshua Goulette stood at attention. 

Gregory then read names from the memory wall.


“David Morrill, Lucinda (Woods) Morrill, John Woods, Emeline (Whittier) Morrill, Edward D. Morrill and Rose “Ella” (Bartlet) Morrill. These six were the original settlers of Chesterville,” she said before reading the remaining names. 

The wall will be placed in the town hall sometime in the next few weeks. People can still pay to have a loved one’s name put on the wall, Gregory said.

The Chesterville Heritage Society quickly began selling hot dog and hamburger baskets while the North Chesterville Extension Homemakers put the finishing touches on a chicken barbecue.

Nearby, Donna Whittemore of Farmington and Linda Lee of Weld, otherwise known as L & D Country, harmonized.

Visitors could check out vendors selling a variety of items, as well as pet sheep, baby calves, a miniature horse or rabbits. Ducklings born earlier that morning were on display.

Children could ride a “cow train,” pulled by a lawn tractor driven by Bob Clough, or, for a fee, enjoy a pony cart ride. Cousins Riley Mooar of New Sharon and Evie Swan of Industry shared the latter.


“God, I wish I was smaller,” said Carroll Corbin of Chesterville, watching the rides.

Several children made their way to the two bounce houses or the inflatable obstacle course. Others tried their luck at games of skill.

“We’re having a successful day,” organizer Kim Lessard said. “I don’t mind the clouds.” 

Selectman Matt Welch handled the money for those waiting to try their luck at the dunk tank. Selectman Vice Chairman Tiffany Estabrook spent more time in the water than on the seat as one contestant after another successfully hit the mark. Welch’s grandson, Dakota Staples of Chesterville, needed several tries, but eventually sent Estabrook plunging.

“I didn’t like water before this,” Estabrook said as she climbed out yet again. 

Parade organizer Greg Soule announced festival winners. Floats: first place, The Beverly Hillbillies; second place, Happy Birthday; and third, Log Cutting. Best Antique went to Mike Williams, and Best Walking went to Mike Cote.

“This day was brought to you by the citizens of Chesterville, spearheaded by Kim Lessard with help from Glenda Barker,” Soule said to applause.

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Jacob Henry, front, and Katie Henry of Farmington enjoy a ride on the “cow train” on Saturday at Chesterville Family Fun day. The train was driven by Bob Clough of Chesterville, not shown.

A boy slips down the slide at the end of an inflatable obstacle course. The course and two bounce houses were set up at Saturday’s Chesterville Family Fun Day for visitors to enjoy.

Girls on the North Chesterville Baptist church float on Saturday wear sun bonnets in keeping with the theme Blast from the Past.

Blast from the Past was the theme of Saturday’s Chesterville Family Fun Day parade. First place in the Float division went to The Beverly Hillbillies. From left are Renee Nicholas as Elly May Clampitt, Cindy Stevens as Daisy “Granny” Moses, Pep Stevens as Jed Clampett and Marc Chiavon as Jethro Bodine. 

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