NORWAY — The second annual Enid Dullea Length-of-the-Lake Swim took place on Aug. 20 when nine swimmers, each with a kayaker, plus three larger following boats, took part.

During the brief pre-swim gathering at Pennesseewassee Park, Linda McSherry, Enid Dullea’s daughter, shared a few photographs of her mother, who regularly swam the length of the lake while training for the 1936 Olympics. Lee Dassler, Western Foothills Land Trust executive director, helped coordinate the event and reminded participants to stay safe and hydrated.

The swim benefited the Lakes Association of Norway (LAON) with a mission to keep the lake healthy. The swimmers were asked to consider donating $20; their donations were more than double expectations.

Two LAON members, Trish Carr and Hilary Ware, brought a sign highlighting LAON’s work for “birds, beasts and beings.” The sign was attached to a large pink inflatable flamingo to be towed during the swim.

After being driven to the north end of Pennesseewassee Lake, the group swam 3.1 miles to the beach. They were cheered on by onlookers from approximately 20 docks. Since the day was so warm, no one needed to use their wetsuit. Only one swimmer used fins. Another swimmer took a little break mid swim to climb up onto her dock to stretch while her husband/kayaker got a quick sip of coffee.

There will be a third annual swim next year, hopefully with more participants and a few relay teams.

Participants in the annual Enid Dullea Length-of-the-Lake Swim are pictured. The event took place on Aug. 20 with nine swimmers, each with a kayaker, and three larger boats.

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