100 years ago, 1917
Walter Bullock, the 17-year-old Minnesota aviator, has been in Lewiston for some time looking over the field and getting his bearings. His machine arrived Wednesday night and was carried to the fairgrounds Thursday morning. The work of assembling it will start at once. Whether or not he will make a trial flight has not yet been decided. It is not customary, as, if the engine is in tune, the rest of the plane can be tested without flying. Bullock will make two flights daily, and probably will take a “chute jumper” with him every afternoon. He is anxious to try some “loops” and he may start this new phase of his flying while here.

50 years ago, 1967
A three-year-old Lewiston youngster was treated to a popsicle and a ride in a police cruiser after he was found wandering around in New Auburn today. Officer Donald E. Darling called headquarters at 10:18 this morning and reported he had found the tyke in New Auburn and was taking him into a nearby store to get a popsicle while trying to find out where the youngster lived. Officer Donald Wyse went to the area with a police cruiser, and rode around the neighborhood with the boy until someone recognized the child.

25 years ago, 1992
The City Council on Tuesday will begin its second review of a controversial proposal to regulate the discharge of firearms within city limits. After months of debate, the Mayor’s Gun Ordinance Task Force approved an ordinance that would allow the firing of guns only in relatively rural areas of Lewiston and only with written permission of a landowner.

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