DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few weeks ago you had someone write in about making different soaps to sell. I misplaced the article so would you please give us the information again?

Also, if anybody knows someone with the recipe for homemade soap that was made years ago, (I believe it was called “yellow soap” in French) I’d be glad to have it. It was great. My grandmother used to make it, but we never got the recipe. Thank you for your help. — Jean, no town

ANSWER: We’ve searched the archives and can’t seem to locate that article, Jean. I’m asking for our readers’ kind assistance on this one. Perhaps someone else may have saved it?

I know the yellow soap you are referring to, but alas, I have never made it. Fingers crossed that someone has the recipe and is willing to share it.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Do you have anyone in your rolodex who sells things for people on eBay or Craigslist for a fee? I have many things I would like to sell but don’t wish to do it myself. Thank you for all of your help. — John, no town

ANSWER: One idea I have up my sleeve is the eBay Valet Drop-off Center at 181 Center St in Auburn (782-8911). According to its website (, “valets” receive your items within 4 business days after you mail them in or drop them off. You’ll get an email confirming your list of items within 10 business days of delivery. Valets review your items, take photos, and list everything within another 15 business days. Your items are for sale on eBay for up to 60 days. A payment will be sent to you within 2 business days after the buyer has paid for the item. Unsold and ineligible items are returned to you within 7 business days after all items have sold or been for sale for 60 days. The website has lots more info, including pricing. Does anyone in Sun Spots territory have any other good recommendations for John?

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A friend recently harvested a large rock maple burl and is interested in selling it. Are there any wood-turners/lumber mills in the state that buy freshly harvested burl wood? — Jon, no town

ANSWER: Readers, in case you don’t know, a burl is a tree growth in which the grain has grown in a deformed manner. It’s commonly found in the form of a rounded outgrowth on a tree trunk or branch that is filled with small knots from dormant buds.

I’m pointing Jon in the direction of the Maine Woodturners ( They meet at Erskine Academy in South China. A contact person is Secretary Tom Raymond (563-6813).

I’m also wondering if contacting a craftsperson or furniture-maker is the way to go. I happen to know a very talented guy, Josh Goodman, who is in West Bath and owns Beneath the Bark Woodworking. He can be reached at [email protected] or at 442-0869.

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Example of what can be made with a wood burl. photo

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