We have recently seen violence on American streets in several communities — violence initiated by white supremacists who would like an all white nation. They are opposed to Jews, blacks and all immigrants.

I was pleased to read in the Sun Journal about the “Green Dot” movement (Aug. 16). Green Dot is a nationally recognized organization that uses research-based teaching to provide bystander intervention techniques. An intervention has to be done safely, which is where the training comes in. The article mentioned that intimidating “words are often yelled at immigrants in banks, Walmart and grocery stores, etc.”

I had no knowledge of the Green Dot program. Apparently many volunteers from many different backgrounds and training have come forth to participate in it.

The program is an extraordinary opportunity for anyone who wishes to volunteer a few hours on a regular basis locally, as well as the nation as a whole. It appears that this is an extraordinarily successful program, even in the local area. Apparently, 85 people from the community, including church leaders, police, teachers, bankers and social workers, have signed up to become either a Green Dot ambassador or a Green Dot trainer.

The number of people who never have and never will harm another person, is greater than those who will. Our community will benefit greatly from the successful efforts of the local Green Dot movement. This is an opportunity for anyone who is interested to volunteer, regardless of education or experience.

Ronald Melendy, Auburn

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